DigiHRaaS Effective execution of HR Services increases Employee Satisfaction, Productivity & Knowledge Retention

DigiHRMaaS refers to the function that supports and provides assistance to the organization employees. DigiHRMaaS will span the whole representative lifecycle from hire to retirement.

DigiHRMaaS Self Service

The consultant self service can help for employees and organizations to save resources as well as time. As the consultants have queries in the day, they have the access to get answers within minutes with access to an online base. Through DigiHRMaaS platform, this application will have FAQ`s, your organization's handbook. DigiHRMaaS also provides consultants to do changes like updating personal information, leave, payroll details, and they can also have the access to view their task scheduling.

Be Accessible

Now-a-days, all employees are working from offsite(home) and not every employee can work 8 hours a day. The employees are working outside of the organization and working in normal business hours. Maintain and build a potential HRMS by making employees available to organizations of all kinds, at all times. DigiHRMaaS helps to develop and improve the expected productivity of all the organizations.

Afford Transparency:

There a few employees will always need to contact a live HR representative, if the organization size is large, have to create a ticket system where the employee can have an idea when to expect an answer, and know the employee issues are being worked on. DigiHRMaaS will present the work-flow, so the employee knows whom to approach to reach their queries.

DigiHRMaaS Modules

  • Core HCM
  • Talent Management Solution
  • Virtual Social Connecitivity
  • Employee Self Service

Why DigiHRMaaS

  • Cost Optimization –
  • Customized to your requirements
  • Portability – Access from any part of the world – SSO
  • Self Service – Tool and add-ons
  • User Friendly
  • Customized reports