Workforce Uberisation - GIG Economy - TALENT works on an AGILE Demand/Supply model

With digitisation making inroads in every sector, and millennials demanding work-life balance like never before, companies are increasingly embracing the concept of GIG economy, where skill is hired purely on the basis of demand.

Workforce Uberisation is the new reality— a trend which makes it possible for companies
  • To Cut Costs
  • Hire talent on demand
  • Customize work force according to projects
  • Build highly motivated team

Digitohubs – Flexible & Agile Resource Model (FARM) service enables organizations to have a flexible and talented workforce always by their side, ready to give you just enough time to deliver key projects on time. That is how powerful FARM workforce is!!

Advantage of Digitohub’s FARM Value Added Service
  • Right Skill @ Right Experience @ Right Time @ Right Cost
  • Dramatically reduce full-time roster
  • Pre-vetted talent
  • Immediate Ramp up
  • Cost Benefits - Pay by the efforts
  • High Quality Deliverables
  • Transparency in process
  • Information security
  • Processed Methodology
  • Bringing agility in the process working with rented tech teams

Uberisation is a Win-Win Solution

How it works
    1. Register in for all your requirements and capacities
      2. Post your requirements
      • Visible through out Digitohub Partner Network
      • Requirement fulfilled through Digitohub Partner Network
      • Execute the evaluation process
      • Complete documentation
      • Ramp up for your project
      3. Post your Capacities
      • Post your Capacities (bench)
      • Visible through out Digitohub Partner Network
      • Partner connects for their requirement
      • Execute the onboarding process
      • Complete documentation
      • Ramp up for their Project

Use DIGITOHUB’s FARM for all you Requirement fulfilment & Bench Utilization