Digitohub – Strategic Offshore Delivery Partner

Together Achieve More with Less

  • My vendor doesn’t understand my IT landscape & I don’t have visibility of how he does things”? CIO of a Leading company
  • The project Go-Live dates are never met!! I always approve change requests? How can I change my vendor? CIO of a Leading company
  • Who pays for escalated costs and poor estimates? My numbers go hay way? CFO of leading company
  • My branding gets impacted due to poor quality of software and missed deadlines? CMO of a leading company
  • I need someone to help me build internal processes, to check my vendors wrong doings & guide me? CIO of a leading company

Digitohub as a Strategic Offshore Delivery Partner

Digitohub looks forward to an opportunity to be a Strategic Offshore Delivery Partner for your organization. Our delivery centre will function as a global extension of your existing IT team, which is more economical, commercially sane, and provides top-notch product/service quality.
Digitohub will share your responsibility for the software development cycle, allowing you enough time to focus on your core business functions.

Digitohub ODC Advantages:
  • Eyes & Ears on the Ground
  • Located in IT hub of India – Hyderabad
  • Abundance of Rich & Experience Talent – Dedicated for your engagements
  • Functional Domain Expertise
  • Availability of Niche Skills
  • Cost Optimization – No Overheads – No Infrastructure costs -– Pay as per the efforts
  • Helps Win more Deals – Be competitive – Increased Revenues
  • Transitions to offshore
  • Program & Delivery Management
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Training
  • Contract Preparations

Digitohub Partner Network

With 300+ partner network in India and overseas, our strategic Offshore development centre has collaborated with our partners to grow revenues and deliver better solutions faster to the end clients. With this ever growing network, Digitohub is able to bring forth diverse technology skills based on the project requirements

Along with our proprietary tools – FARM and Digi-PMaaS we have successfully provided skills and delivered projects successfully.