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Data is the life blood of business. Bad data is a liability. Data quality is one of the important pillars of IT applications, business outcomes can be achieved and measured using correct and efficient data management. Maintaining good quality data is not a one-time activity, it involves continuous usage of tools and improving processes so as to maintain and improve data quality. Bad data has negative impact on the working of organizations to the extent of bad product quality, lost revenues and reduced customer loyalty. At Digitohub we help you overcome data challenges using well designed products, processes and accelerators to reduce effort and cycle time to improve quality of data.

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Puredata is a SAAS based tool developed by Digitohub which has provided Out of the Box (OOTB) data validation rules & framework to kick start your data quality journey. Puredata leverages industry best practices, latest technologies, efficient processes and trained team to deliver improved data quality.

The PureData tool is enabled through other supported PureData Engines & Accelerators. These accelerators are built on multitude of technologies consisting of JavaScript’s, Python, CSS technologies, AWS. The engines don’t store any data, it’s a processing engine so it processes data and provide reports and needed outcomes. The engines can be deployed on Prem & Customized to suit specific laid down business and project outcomes.
At Digitohub we give utmost importance to Data Security, we have data leak prevention tools on all our machines. All our employees and partners signs Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and are provided Data Compliance Training once in every 6 months. This helps in keeping the rigor around data security and enables a culture that promotes proper upkeep of customer supplied products.

Data Quality Program Work Load :

Reduced Costs: Puredata brings down the Total Cost of improving & maintaining data quality through pre-defined data quality rules
Reduced time to reconcile data Manually reconciling data and is cumbersome and time consuming, Puredata helps complete these tasks through ease
Reporting Tracking data quality improvement is made easy through well designed reports
Reduced Efforts Out of the box business rules help reduce effort from IT team members, and management for defining
Easy to use It’s Easy to use and user friendly.
Collaboration The tool helps strong collaboration between IT & Business teams
Puredata Process - Your Data, Your Way :

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