Puredata is following this 5E framework It helps to define the key metrics and measurements for prioritized business activities and also helps to achieve them our 5E framework. 5E framework is as follows to provide disciplined, driven for results, standard and methodical steps to add velocity to the digital data transformation journey. 5E framework starts with the customer and leverage the TAP tools to understand them better. 5E Framework is absolutely suitable for digital data transformation of services, Operations, Processes, Products & Experiences.

Digitohub follows a unique methodology that curates industry best practices layered with a depth of experience only Digitohub can bring. It follows the 5E framework methodology can drive digital data transformation easily.

5E framework drives the enterprise-level design thinking scale. It builds on agile principles for distributed and co-located and leverages DevOps tools and techniques for ongoing delivery and operations, culture change and faster digital talent. The 5E framework methodology describes how to start implementing the practices in companies that need to complete to realize an outcome.

5E Framework Methodology principles

Puredata 5E framework methodology focuses on to meet the business outcomes.
It has main aim that deliver the business values progressively against the consumer needs and goals.
Maintain the highest quality that companies can meet the requirements that they have.
It wants to deliver great outcomes.

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