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Data Transformation

Data transformation is nothing but converting unstructured data into structured data. Usually from the format of a source system into the required format of a new objective system. The usual method involves changing documents, but data conversions sometimes include the translation of a program from one machine language to another to facilitate the program to operate on a separate platform. The common purpose of this data migration is the selection of a new method that's various from the earlier one.

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Data Integration & Migration

Data Integration:

It is the combination of technical and business processes used to consolidate data from various sources into significant and important information. A total data integration solution delivers advanced data from multiple sources.

Data Migration:

It is a process where data is transferred between formats, storage types, enterprise systems, and data architectures. Whereas Data Integration requires gathering data from references outside of the businesses for migration and analysis refers to the transfer of data already collected internally to various systems.

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Data Sciences

It is the study of where information comes from, what it signifies and how it can be transformed into important support in the formulation of business and IT strategies. Defending large amounts of good and bad data to recognize patterns can correct a company's rein in costs, improve efficiencies, identify new market possibilities and increase the organization's competitive position.

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Data Management

PureData is performing a key role in managing your data. Data management is the process of gathering, organizing and delivering the data with secure, cost-effectively and efficiently. people and related things to optimize the use of data in the bounds of policy and management so that they can make determinations and take procedures that maximize the advantage to the business. PureData management strategy is enhancing more powerful than ever as businesses frequently rely on hypothetical assets to create perfection.

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Business challenges in Digital data transformation

Using well designed products and process
Accelerators to reduce effort and cycle time
Improve the quality of data
Time consuming

How can we help your business growth than data

Companies are creating massive amounts of data for their businesses. These different kinds of data are captured in different systems. The role of the digital data transformation team is to establish the integrity of data across all sources. Digitohub works to build a source of truth that everybody in the company can trust. In the data-driven decision making, your decisions are only as best as your digital data.
When companies create a digital data transformation team, they also experience a companywide transformation. Because digital data can be used to answer every question, managers begin to expect data to update their team’s decisions. The digital data transformation teams have to make each decision in creating a culture change that includes every factor of the company’s business.
In the age of data-driven decisions, the company decisions are only as good as the companies’ data team.
PureData tool also manages visually tracks, analyzes and displays important performance notices, metrics and key data features to observe the well-being of a business, department or particular process. They are customizable to satisfy the particular needs of a business and company. Behind the displays, a dashboard connects to your data, attachments, services, and APIs, but on the outside displays all this data in the form of line charts, tables, gauges, and bar charts. PureData tool is the most efficient way to track business reports & visualize because it provides a central location for businesses to monitor and analyze performance. The real-time monitoring reduces the time of analyzing and a long line of communication that previously challenged businesses.
Digital data transformation helps the businesses to find out the root cause of sudden changes in the businesses like it’s going down, or not performing well. Why because the experts of DDT team highly perform deep analysis
This is one of the important factors of a data team, consider all your business data, letting you promptly emphasize your product, company business strategy and go to market plans. Only by observing different teams and market units can you genuinely identify which formula will have a major impact. And some tough decisions you make are really less risky, the reason behind it is, it had accurate data and accurate analysis.
The Agile Data method describes a set of strategies that IT experts can implement in a wide variety of conditions to work collectively efficiently on the data characters of software methods. This isn’t to say that Agile Data is a “one size fits all” methodology. Alternatively, consider Agile Data as a combination of philosophies and techniques that will enable IT experts within your company to work commonly efficiently when it becomes to the data aspects of software-based practices.

How can we help your business growth than data?

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